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 Aluminium composite panels (ACP), made of aluminium composite material (ACM), are flat panels consisting of two thin coil-coated aluminium sheets bonded to a non-aluminium core. ACPs are frequently used for external cladding or facades of buildings, insulation, and signage.

ACP is mainly used for external and internal architectural cladding or partitions, false ceilings, signage, machine coverings, container construction, etc. Applications of ACP are not limited to external building cladding, but can also be used in any form of cladding such as partitions, false ceilings, etc. ACP is also widely used within the signage industry as an alternative to heavier, more expensive substrates.

ACP has been used as a light-weight but very sturdy material in construction, particularly for transient structures like trade show booths and similar temporary elements

Aluminium composite sheet price is affected by many factors. The followings are several major ones.
Aluminium ingot price. The aluminium ingot price is generally accurate to the aluminium ingot price today. Because the international aluminum industry market has great volatility, so aluminium ingot price will change frequently. Thus, raw material price will directly increase the aluminium composite panel cladding price.
Aluminium composite panel cladding specifications. As we all know, aluminum composite sheet has different alloy grades and thickness. These factors all can affect the ACP aluminium composite panel price.
Surface treatment process. Different surface treatments such as fluorocarbon, polyester, powder and so on can bring different aluminium composite sheet price.
Customer request. The aluminum composite panel price will fluctuate with different order quantity, different processing types.
Processing cost. Different aluminum composite panel manufacturers, different processing technology, different processing costs, the composite aluminum panels price is not the same.
Supply object. This factor is also very important, because buy aluminium composite panel directly from factories without middleman will save you a lot of money.
Other factors. Other factors that affect aluminium composite sheet price include freight rates and currency exchange rates and so on.
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