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Aluminum checker plate is also called treadplates,because of its raised patterns.

Tread plate—also known as floor plate, diamond plate, or diamond tread plate—provides a durable, anti-slip surface for dock surfaces, vehicle running boards, and more. Because it is highly resistant to weathering, corrosion, and chemicals, tread plate requires no maintenance or surface treatments.

ASTM A786 Tread Plate

Industrial Metal Supply offers steel tread plate that meets ASTM A786 standards, and aluminum tread plate in 3003 and 6061 alloys. Four styles are available.

5-Bar Tread Plate is defined by its unique pattern, with small, individual blocks of five parallel bars oriented perpendicularly to their neighboring blocks.

Tread Brite Tread Plate is the most common type of aluminum tread plate, used for a wide variety of applications.

Embossed Firetruck-Quality (FTQ) Tread Plate is the same as Tread Brite in all aspects, with the exception of a slightly modified pattern that provides even better grip.

Mill Finish Tread Plate has a matte-finish diamond pattern, and is used primarily in structural applications that do not require bending.

1, Damp-proof, anticorrosive, wearable and durable.
2, Has high strength, hardness, toughness and long service life.
3, Regular pattern on the flat aluminum sheet will not cause strong light reflection and have a better vision effect.
4, Attaching the kraftpaper to the aluminum sheet can prevent moisture, and therefore protect the sheet from oxidation. It also plays damp-proof and antiseptic role.
Scope of Application:
5, It can be used for the protection of pipes, fittings and equipments.
6, It can also be used for the jacketing of the equipment, instruments and tanks.

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