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 Aluminium Tread Plate is a lightweight, functional and decorative surface material with a regular pattern of raised lines or diamonds on one side. The material is non-slip, durable and a very economical solution for corrosion resistant and non-slip applications.

The added texture reduces the risk of slipping, making Tread Plate an ideal solution for stairs, catwalks, walkways and ramps, particularly in an industrial setting. Its typical non-skid properties make Tread Plate ideal for use on ambulance interiors and on footplates of trucks, machinery and plants. Due to the attractive high polished finishing of Tread Plate, it has also become a popular decorative material, used on walls floors and counters.

Benefits of Aluminium Tread Plate

The numerous benefits of this versatile material are clear to see:

Slip resistant – The raised ‘bar pattern’ provides extra traction on stairs, ladders, ramps, tailgates, running boards, catwalks, loading bays and other general surfaces even when wet, iced, or covered in snow, chemicals or mud. ‘Embossed firetruck quality’ or ‘FTQ Tread Plate’ even meets industry safety regulations for slip resistance in America. In South Africa, industrial users of the product most frequently refer to it as ‘checker plate’, ‘checkered plate’ or ‘chequer plate’

Corrosion resistant – Aluminium Tread Plate is made of corrosion resistant aluminium alloy, particularly 5xxx and 6xxx alloys. These alloys provides years of service even under the toughest conditions, including marine locations. Marine Tread Plate is most frequently referred to as ‘diamond plate’.

Hygienic – Tread Plate is very easy to clean and wipe down, and is rather resistant to the possible damage other materials would receive from corrosive cleaning agents. This makes it ideal for food processing plants, caterers, restaurants, kitchens and industries where frequent sanitizing is required.

Protective – Due to its strength and natural oxidisation, aluminium Tread Plate can prevent damage to doors, walls, corners, partitions etc. It is also a great protector of bumpers, truck beds, tailgates, and off-road vehicle bodies.

Attractive – With various raised patterns and finishes available, the product is ideal for use in architecture, furniture making and applications where aesthetic appeal is most important. Bakkie canopies, firetrucks, shop counters and walls are also applications where Tread Plate is commonly used for aesthetic appeal.




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